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The Tapmaster Model 1720 Description:

The Model 1720 cabinet door activator is our simplest and most affordable hands free faucet solution. Its high precision activator valve needs to move only 20 thousandths of an inch to activate your faucet. This means that when it is installed it is nearly impossible to detect with the cabinet door closed. To operate he Tapmaster simply press against the cabinet door with your knee or leg and set the faucet open to the desired flow and temperature. By releasing the door, the Tapmaster shuts off the water flow making this model ideal for situations where your faucet only needs to be activated for brief periods. The activator does not necessarily have to be a door. The possibilities are only limited by the hardware available and the imagination of the installer. Any surface or panel where a slight movement (approximately 1/32″) can be created and can be pressed by the knee, leg or hip has the potential to be a hands free activator. As an example, in the public washroom drop-in counter sinks, the Tapmaster actuator valve rests against a hinged panel with a towel or grab bar mounted on it. Simply a light push of the bar with the upper knee or lower thigh area activates the water flow releasing the bar stops it.

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